IQILS fees

A typical service will be charged an annual fee of £2,500 plus VAT.

A typical service is defined as a Liver service with one inpatient site and additional outpatient sites.

If a service has more than one inpatient site, as each inpatient site will have to be visited, the service will be charge per inpatient site.

Once a service has registered, it will be provided with confirmation of the fees applicable. The annual fee is inclusive of all costs arising from the normal course of assessment and accreditation, and services should read the terms and conditions, which are applicable when registering. If any additional costs are applicable to a service then we will undertake to provide a minimum of 90 days' notice of this.

Why are the annual fees the same each year, when I don’t receive a full assessment in stage three?
The annual fees cover the cost of accreditation, including assessment, over the course of five years and is paid in annual installments.
What does the annual fee include?
The annual fee includes attendance for one person at the "How to Prepare for Accreditation" training days, access to the webtool and website including the self-assessment tool and the action planning tool, and access to the knowledge management system, which will contain examples of best practice from across accredited services.

Payment terms

The standard payment terms are thirty days from receipt of invoice, as per the standard terms of the Royal College of Physicians.
All fees are quoted exclusive of VAT, which is applicable at current rates.

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