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By registering with the IQILS accreditation programme your service will have access to the following:

To register with the IQILS programme you can sign up here. A typical service with one site will be charged an annual subscription fee of £2,500 +VATThe annual subscription fee is inclusive of all costs arising from the course of assessment and accreditation.

We recognise you may require support from your managers and senior leadership team to join the programme. We have prepared a letter that outlines the benefits that you can use this to help support the business case, along with a set of slides that you can present to your team. Please email us if you would like us to send this to you:


*The annual subscription grants access to the above-mentioned features. It is not possible to pay part of the annual subscription to gain access the benefits. Non-payment of the annual subscription or cancellation of a service's registration with IQILS will result in the withdrawal of all the above inclusions until payment is received. 

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