Training events

IQILS KPI's webinar 

Tuesday 24 September - 12:30 - 13:30

The IQILS clinical lead, Dr James Ferguson will be holding a lunchtime Webinar session for registered IQILS services. The webinar will focus on Key performance indicators and provide services with guidance on how to automate, improve and measure KPI’s. At the end of the sessions, attendees will improve their knowledge of:

  • The IQILS standards
  • Evidence requirements
  • Developing an effective plan to overcome challenges 

To register to the webinar click here

IQILS training day 

Tuesday 15 October 2019 - London

The IQILS team will be holding a How to Prepare for Accreditation training day for registered services. The training day provides further information on the IQILS accreditation scheme; helping delegates understand the standards and evidence requirements to achieve IQILS accreditation. By the end of the workshop, delegates will have a good understanding of: 

  • Improving liver services and how to achieve accreditation
  • Specific IQILS accreditation processes and timescales
  • The standards and criteria for assessment and evidence requirements
  • The team’s role in maximising the potential of achieving accreditation
  • The importance of engagement and communication to achieve success
  • Developing an effective plan to overcome challenges.

To register to the training day click here

If you have any questions about the training day, please contact the IQILS team:

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