Meet the programme team

Dr James Ferguson
Clinical Lead

Dr James Ferguson is a transplant hepatologist based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. He is a specialist in liver disease and liver transplantation.

He is the clinical lead on the IQILS (Improving Quality in Liver Services) project and was a co-author of the recent lancet commission on liver disease in the UK.

Dragana Smith
Programme manager 

Dragana is the programme manager for the IQILS programme. She is responsible for the delivery and development of three accreditation programmes - Improving Quality in Liver Services (IQILS), Quality in Primary Immunodeficiency Services (QPIDS) and Improving Quality in Allergy Services (IQAS). Each programme offers a robust accreditation pathway for the relevant sectors with the aim of improving the quality of clinical services throughout the UK.

Previously, Dragana has worked in the fields of legal practice and medical education. She has a background in accreditation and standards development in charitable and membership organisations where the focus is on making a difference to the quality of learning and improving healthcare.


Rumneet Ghumman
Project coordinator 

Rumneet is based at the Royal College of Physicians and is responsible for managing assessments and supporting services through the accreditation process. She also supports the running of training days for services and assessors. Rumneet is also a project coordinator for the QPIDS and IQAS programmes which are accreditation programmes which are run by the college for for primary immunodeficiency and allergy services across the UK.

Katy Thistlethwaite

Accreditation unit administrator 

Katy is the administrator of the IQILS programme, and is responsible for supporting services going through the accreditation process and managing assessments. Katy also leads on invoicing and subscription management for participating services as well as managing new service registrations. She is also the administrator for the IQAS and QPIDS programmes.

Prior to joining the Royal College of Physicians, Katy was with St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and worked across a variety of departments including radiology, offender healthcare and cardiac diagnostics.


Dimple Keen
Accreditation unit manager

Dimple is the accreditation unit manager at the Royal College of Physicians where she overseas a varied portfolio of clinical service accreditation programmes. The RCP's accreditation activities include the JAG endoscopy, IQILS liver, the Pulmonary rehabilitation, IQAS allergy and the QPIDS primary immunodeficiency programmes.

Before joining the Royal College of Physicians, Dimple worked at the Health Foundation on a UK-wide improvement initiative. Dimple has spent the majority of her career working in the NHS as an operational manager in services including oncology, respiratory medicine, digestive diseases and the emergency department. She has a particular interest in service improvement and engaging junior doctors in management.

You can follow Dimple on Twitter: @Dimple_Health 


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