Patient involvement

Meaningful patient involvement is critical in health and care. IQILS helps to promote active engagement of patients/carers through its standards on person-centred care. Our standards stipulate that services that wish to become accredited must embed principles of shared decision making in their care, improve their service as a result of feedback and ensure appropriate signposting to local and national groups for support. This page provides some helpful resources to helping services on their journey to improve patient involvement. 

Embedding Shared Decision Making in NHS care

Shared Decision Making is a process in which patients, when they reach a decision crossroads in their health care, can review all the treatment options available to them and participate actively with their healthcare professional in making that decision.

With current clinical information relevant to their particular conditions, covering all the options available to them, patients are helped to work through any questions they may have, explore the options available, and take a treatment route which best suits their needs and preference. The website below has a variety of PDF documents that can be used to support services. 

Liver patient leaflets

The British Liver Trust publish leaflets and factsheets on a range of liver diseases. All of their patient information is written by, or rigorously assessed and reviewed by, medical specialists in their field or other health care professionals. Leaflets are written in clear and straightforward language, using a minimum of clinical terminology, which is explained when it is used. Single publications can be downloaded at the below link.


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