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JAG biennial census 2021
31 May 2022

The JAG 2021 biennial census manuscript was published on May 9, 2022. The article, entitled National census of UK endoscopy services 2021 provides a unique view of how endoscopy services are adapting to continued demand, exacerbated by repeated waves of COVID-19.

To celebrate the release of the article, we spoke to article authors Dr Vathsan Ravindran and Mark Coleman, who provided their thoughts and feelings towards the biennial census and the manuscript.


Headshot of Dr Vathsan Ravindran


'The JAG biennial census is our best gauge of the issues facing endoscopy services in current times. I think the 2021 census particularly highlights the pressures that services were under following multiple phases of Covid coupled with years of increasing demand. It's interesting to see how services were adapting to these pressures and I think future censuses will help us  benchmark further the impact of the national drive for efficiency and sustainability.' - Dr Vathsan Ravindran, JAG Clinical Fellow





'In the aftermath of a global pandemic, endoscopy services in the UK and beyond continue to face considerable challenges. Using vital information and data that JAG provides from regular census and surveys helps our stakeholder organisations and governments to understand the needs of endoscopy services now and in the immediate future. Almost 80% of services responded to the   latest 2021 Biennial Census published in the BMJ Frontline Gastroenterology. I want to thank all endoscopy services as well as our team at JAG for providing this vital snapshot which is really helpful in understanding the needs of our GI endoscopist resources wherever they may be'. - Mark Coleman, JAG chair



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