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British Liver Trust Publications 26 Apr 2018 9 British Liver Trust Publications.pdf
Autoimmune Hepatitis 17 Jan 2018 11 The International Hepatitis Group's criteria for the definition of Hepatitis (2008). 2.4 - The service supports person-centred care. Hepatitis - 2008.pdf
Care bundle 5 Jul 2019 13 Care bundle care bundle for IQILS.pdf
Cirrhosis six month review 17 Jan 2018 18 Document for six month review of Cirrhosis 6 monthly review.doc
Day Case Ascitic Drain (Paracentesis) Protocol request form 17 Jan 2018 18 Request form for Day Case Ascitic Drain, must be authorised by Heptalogy/Gastro teams day case booking form.pdf

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