Meet the team

Meet the team
Dr James Ferguson

IQILS Clinical lead

Dr James Ferguson is a transplant hepatologist based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. He is a specialist in liver disease and liver transplantation.

He is the clinical lead on the IQILS (Improving quality in liver services) project and was a co-author of the recent lancet commission on liver disease in the UK



Madeline Bano
Programme manager - IQILS

Madeline is the programme manager for the IQILS accreditation schemes.  She is based at the Royal College of Physicians and is responsible for the operational management of the scheme.  She works with the clinical lead and the steering group on the scheme's strategy, development and expansion.

Madeline also manages the QPIDS and IQAS scheme, which is an accreditation scheme run by the college for primary immunodeficiency and allergy services across the UK.

Previously Madeline has worked in project management, managing the anti-doping services at Major Games throughout the UK.



Dimple Keen
Accreditation Unit Manager, RCP

Dimple is the Accreditation Unit Manager at the Royal College of Physicians where she oversees a varied portfolio of clinical service accreditation programmes. The RCP's accreditation activities include the JAG endoscopy programme, the IQILS Liver programme, IQAS allergy programme and the QPIDS primary immunodeficiency programme. 

Before joining the Royal College of Physicians, Dimple worked at the Health Foundation on a UK-wide improvement initiative. Dimple has spent the majority of her career working in the NHS as an operational manager in services including oncology, respiratory medicine, digestive diseases and the emergency department. She has a particular interest in service improvement and engaging junior doctors in management.

You can follow Dimple on Twitter: @Dimple_Health


Rumneet Ghumman 

Project Coordinator - IQILS

Rumneet is based at the Royal College of Physicians and is responsible for managing assessments and supporting services through the accreditation processAdditionally, Rumneet will be leading on assessor training for the scheme. Rumneet is  also a project coordinator for the QPIDS and IQAS scheme which is an accreditation scheme run by the college for primary immunodeficiency and allergy services across the UK. Rumneet previously spent three years with the JAG accreditation scheme which accredits endoscopy services throughout the UK and is bringing her knowledge to this role.


Alexia Constant 

Accreditation unit administrator - IQILS

Alexia is an administrator, responsible for managing assessments of IQILS services through the assessment process. Alexia leads on invoicing and fee management for participating servicesPrior to joining the accreditation unit, Alexia worked as a Project Administrator in the Falls and Fragility Fracture Audit Programme at the RCP.




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