The standards

The IQILS standards are a set of professional standards which feed into the the development of the British Standards Institution (BSI) PAS1616. 

This is a publically available specification that has been developed by an alliance of clinical services, patient representatives and accreditation providers.  The PAS framework is underpinned by Liver specific criteria and evidence requirements drawn from the liverquest framework.

The standards cover all aspects of a clinical service and are organised into seven domains:

  • Leadership, strategy and management
  • Operational delivery of the clinical service
  • Systems to support clinical service delivery
  • Person Centred Treatment and/or Care
  • Risk and safety
  • Clinical effectiveness
  • Staffing a clinical service

To support the achievement of the standards for liver services the standards have been broken down into distinct levels so that there are stepping stones for services to work through. 


Level 1 of the standards is available here.

Level 2 of the standards is available here. 

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